Teppan Jinja

The new restaurant opened yesterday just in front of J-Hoppers Osaka, the name is Teppan Jinja 鉄板神社 !!

"Teppan 鉄板"means an iron plate, and "Jinja 神社"means shrine.
. . An iron plate shrine?? Yes, it sounds strange, and their looking is also very unique, because it looks like an Italian restaurant or a cafe, but it has a big ring of Shinto shrine on their entrance.. and the sign of "Teppan Jinja" in Japanese.

Anyway we imagined that they were a "Teppanyaki" restaurant from their name.
"Teppanyaki" is one of Japanese cuisine that uses an iron plate to cook steak, seafood, vegetable, okonoiyaki, yakisoba etc..

But I was surprised because they cook "Kushiyaki" on an iron plate!
Kushiyaki is skewered food(chicken,beef and vegetables etc.) with bamboo skewer over charcoal, like BBQ.

So, "Teppan Kushiyaki" must be unique and they already seems like very popular in Namba.
Yes, this is their 2nd branch.

The price is not very reasonable, but why don't you try as one of your experience??

Teppan Jinja(Japanese only,but you can see some photos)


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