Trip to Seoul !! cultural shock!!

In mid-June,I visited to South Korea with another J-hoppers staff MASA.
That was first time to visiting other Asian country for me.
Since we decided to go to Korea,we had been excited about it.(To be honest,I was too excited to sleep before the night)
It was a little a cultural shock for me when I arrived in Korea.

Firstly,there were so many bikes there!!Most f them are deliverer.That's why they always have so much packages on their buck!Sometime it is cardboard,and sometime it is flowers or

I tried to take a photo of them.But they always rides so fast!I missed the chance for taking photos....
Besides,They all remodel their bike in own way.
Have you ever seen like this bike before?
My friend( He lives in Korea) told me that They can ride on even on sidewalk.
Coz it is faster that ride on the road.(so scary !!)
It means that they use both side walk and the road as the situation demands!!
I realized that Korean people focus on efficiency.

Secondly,the shings wich mede me surpirised is shop hour.
They are opened till around 4 or 5 am i the morning!!
That was an amzing!It was also first time shopping at the departmnt store aroud 2 am!

Seoul,the city that never sleeps!Why don't you see for yourself??


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