Beautiful beach!!Katazoegahama!!

Hello there!!

It is getting so hot outside.It seems like boiling!!
I'm getting fed up this weather,so I went to beach which is called "Katazoe Gahama" in Yamaguchi with my friend.

The beach is selected as one of the beautiful beaches in Japan.
It was weekday and also not really good weather(but it was getting better !).
That's why there weren't many people there.We thought '' Wow,it seems like a private beach for us!!Let's swim(and drink)!!!"
Although the water was still a bit cold....anyway water is so clear!I understood why the beach is selected from many different beaches.

I haven't been to beach for a long time! so I was so worried that if I could wear bikinis or not.
But there were only several people there,So I think " Who cares what other people think??We shouldn't ruin this time!!"
I forced myself think positive and then jump into the water.

We went to the beach by train and bus.So we drunk and talked a lot.
We kept talked all the time.We are so thirsty on the way home.

We had a really good and relaxed at the beach.And got back to Hiroshima station around 19:00 and had a dinner .
And now I'm annoyed by sunburn.Please be careful when you got to beach!!

The beach where I went this time is little bit far from Hiroshima city.And also a bit difficult to get there.
But if you want to the beach,please visit to J-Hoppers Hiroshima and let me know!
I will tell you how to get there :-)

*Sorry,,,I completely forgot to take some photos when we were swimming!!That's so much fun!!

Katazoegahama Beach(japanese HP)


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