Jack is back ! 2010

Last summer, we had a little guest from Australia. His name is Jack and I remember we enjoyed so much seeing him every day. Well, Jack was back this summer again with his family!

Last summer, he drew a lot of pictures while he was in J-Hoppers Osaka and gave them to us as a gift before returning home. But this time, he brought us so many pictures which he had drawn for us before coming to Japan. We were deeply moved!

The more I look at the pictures which we got this time, the more I am amazed at his progress. The strokes of his brush is different as well. It seems like he developed a sense of art.

I wish I could show you all the pictures here, but there are too many of them, so I decided to show you some of my favorite ones this time.

A kangaroo and a man on a boxing ring

(LEFT) An itinerant kangaroo who is heading to J-Hoppers Osaka
At his feet, there are some Japanese bills and a JR Pass!

(RIGHT) A kangaroo at breakfast in J-Hoppers Osaka's kitchen
Its background is almost an exact copy of what we have.

A story entitled "Did I Break the Window!?"

(LEFT) Staff Fumi "Did you do this, Jack?"
Jack "Would I lie to you, Fumi?"
Staff Fumi "I don't know..."

(RIGHT) Baseball Koala "I did"

Isn't it cool?

As Jack is a big fan of Hanshin Tigers (Baseball Team), he draws it very well.
The right one named Home Run is my favorite.
Don't you think it looks like we could hear great roars from the spectators?

J-Hoppers Osaka Central Crews

Thank you so much for making us feel happy, Jack.
Look forward to meeting you next year!


Shin said…
Brilliant ability !!

The Baseball Koala should be a spy for Chunichi Dragons.
Sawako said…
Wow, I like that idea :)
If so, it would be more interesting and funny!

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