Kamikochi :)

If you come to Takayama, you can see a lot of beautiful nature.

The Japan Alps are one of popular tourist attractions.

I went to Kamikochi last week.

Kamikochi is also part of The Japan Alps.

Upper left: You can follow the signs.

Upper right: Taisho Pond

Left lower: A road paved with wood

Lower right: Friendly wild ducks

The hiking course is not so difficult even for beginner.
It's very flatness.

Upper left: I think it has irresistible attraction for photographer

Upper right: Amazing color!! (It's natural!!)

Left lower: Local Beer★★

Lower right: It's not a beach, it's just a river!!!

The water color was amazing!!

And Iwana mountain trout lives there :)

Upper left: It's like mirror!!!

Upper right: Iwana mountain trout

Left lower: Myojin Bridge

Lower right:Kappa Bridge

★How to get to Kamikochi★

You need to take a bus, Takayama-Hirayu onsen-Kamikochi

Takayama-Hirayu (1,530 yen one way)

Hirayu-Kamikochi (2,000 yen round)

Here is information about Alps 4 days free passport:

Alps Wide Free Passport (10,000 yen)
Unlimited use of most buses around Takayama, Gero, Shirakawago, Okuhida, Kamikochi and Matsumoto on four consecutive calendar days.


Anonymous said…

Nice post but I think there is a mistake ?
Hirayu Onsen to Kamikochi bus fare is 1130 yeh according to Nohi Bus website.

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