Kenka Mikoshi

The third weekend of July is a long weekend in Japan.
But also it is the biggest weekend of a year in my hometown.
A very traditional summer festival takes place annually on the weekend.

I used to go to the festival a lot when I was a teenager, but I actually stopped going after I graduated from high school. I was just busy with work or was away from home at the time these past years. But I went to the festival last year and this year after the many years, then I realized how much I love this festival!

The festival is called Gion Matsuri (Another big Gion festival in Kyoto but it has nothing to do with it) and this festival boasts a history of over 500 years.
It is good fun to visit the main shrine called Susanoo Shrine, because it is lined with night stalls selling food.

But everyone in whole the small town gets really excited on the final night. The festival features " Kenka Mikoshi" is held.

3 Mikoshi (portable shrines) which belongs to separate areas of the town are stored in the main shrine. On the final day of the festival, men from each areas bring and carry them all around the neighborhoods in the daytime.

Then all the Mikoshi return to the shrine at the night.

And they play Mikoshi match which is super exciting!!!

A really cool Taiko drum performance too!

Somehow, looking at the men who are putting their soul into it, they look very hot! Does this happen just to me...???


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