In July, Kyoto has big traditional 1 month event, It is called Gion Matsuri. It has the history for 100 years or more.

The other side we had a great new 2 days festival in Kyoto. It doesn't have the history for 100 years or more... Just 4times(but first time was wash out ...3times completed).

It is called 'MISSION IMPOSSIBLE KYOTO=京都大作戦', that is kind of rock music festival.

In 2010;
the 1st day : It was strong sunny day (over 30℃...)

the 2nd day: It was strong rainy day...(90% rain...)

We didn't care about weather...because it was all the same to us...


How can I say about this event...words fail to describe...
At least It makes you a nice smile without fail.

You must check MISSION IMPOSSIBLE KYOTO 2011 if you come to Kyoto next summer.
And let's go with me for the hot moshing pit(?) same T-shirt, same towel, and nice childish same smile:-). Aa, no Stevie Wonder, no Linkin Park... only Japanese childish rock bands.


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