My birthplace : Normandie

The 'World' section of this blog looks a little bit empty, then allow me please a little space to escape from Japan... ;-)

At beginning of the month I could come back few days to my hometown. Thanks to my colleagues for offering me long holidays.
'Hometown' is becoming a strange word for me as years pass. Everything's changing so much there. I start feeling like a stranger sometime... And it makes already more than 12 years spent away, living in 9 places in 3 countries on 3 continents ! The feeling of 'home' got attached to those many places, and 'birthplace' is probably getting a more accurate word.
Thus, here comes my birthplace : Normandie prefecture. North of France (not the northest though), known for its cows, apples and tie-in products, its poor weather (blame on England who send rain through the Channel), its Second World War landing beaches, and its greenery...

I had an extremely clear weather and could enjoy the view.
Here, Kobe.

The Biwako Lake

Clouds from above are still fascinating me.

Normandie, here we are.

The famous Mont Saint Michel, from inside.

French baguettes on a morning market.

Caen, Normandie prefecture's main town, has been a king town and has a lot of beautifull churches and castle.

Delicious cheeses.

Rabbit with mustard sauce and pasta.

At the entrance of my village, like almost every villages.

The bakery of my village makes also very good cakes.

Not Kobe beef ! ;-)

Honfleur, famous port city. Now a main touristic spot.

Its church.

Old streets of the city,

The seaside near my village.

Second World War landing beaches.

Pure local fresh product.



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