Stag beetles

I went to the countryside of Kyoto last weekend and collected around 10 stag beetles with my son.
I hadn't done the beetle collecting for long.

When I was a school boy, I would went into the neighbor forests and mountains to get beetles and stag beetles. It was one of the most exciting summer pleasures for Japanese children.
But this time, actually, I didn't expect I managed to get that many.

It was nice that there is still good environment for those insects to survive near such a big city like Kyoto.

Some of the beetles are now at the lobby of J-Hoppers Kyoto hostel.

If you are interested in, please come and see!


pascal said…
That's great ! :-)
Please bring me one day with you to catch some :-)
waruida said…
No, problem.
I will tell you next time I go.
My father knows more than me about where in Kyoto they live. I will ask him later on.

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