Tanabata party

I was very late to report about "Tanabata party" which we had on the 6h of July.
*What is Tanabata? please read this.

We decorated a bamboo tree with lots of colorful papers which were written guest's wishes, and made Temaki suji.


Temaki sushi is one of sushi style and you can make your own sushi on your hand choosing your favorite ingredients each time. We prepared a lot of kinds for sushi... egg,tuna with mayonnaise, some kinds of raw fishes, cucumber,lettuce and kaiware daikon, cooked eel,teriyaki chiken, surimi etc. and plenty of rice and seaweed of course... but it's gone so quickly and we had to cook rice again and go to buy some more!!

Also, we dressed some guests in yukata and they all looked cute!

Hope everyone enjoyed and your wish is coming true xxx


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