Thank you for being my friends

It was about two weeks ago at midnight, my cell phone annoyed me to inform that he had got a message.
'We are going to Kyoto to get you! Watch out!' it said. That was from my girlfriend who lives in Yokohama.
And it had been four years since we saw each other last time. To much excitement kept me awake that night.

That two girlfriends from my collage days came to Kyoto at the end of the rainy season.
We did not plan anything in advance as usual, however they wanted to do something unusual.
One of them said to me that 'If you are taking us to the Golden pavilion or something like that, I would stay in your room and play monopory by myself.' So instead of visiting the temples at day time, I brought them Arashiyama around 12 o'clock at midnight. Of course there was no one around us. Even we could run a race on the famous bridge many times.

When we were college studens, we used to visit the school or shrines or beaches at night.
We did not do anything particular there, except drinking and chatting till the sun rises in the eastern sky. There were always joy and laughter. We thought those moments last forever but it didn't.

After we left the school, we all are busy to live in our dairy life and didn't think about the old friends so much.
However it is necessary to have a brife stop sometimes and see where we are. That makes the life in front of us more special.


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