Two really cute twins from Germany♪

Hi there!
I'm Tomoko ,I returned from About a 2 week Okinawa trip a couple days ago.
Today was my first long shift at J-hoppers Hiroshima,so I'm a little nervous.
Meanwhile,Two really cute twins from Germany came to the reception to show 'Melon Flavour Ice Cream'.

The boy on the left side is 'Justus' and The girl on the right side is'Nele'.

They came to me and I guess they said
'Look at this ,It is Melon Ice Cream!! Cool ,Huh???'
in German.

I could not help but put these pictures on our blog ,
because their smile was sooooo cute!

Have a great time in Japan and I hope your stay at J-hoppers Hiroshima will hold fond memories!!


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