Upgraded Backyard

Midsummer greeting!

We introduced the backyard of J-Hopppers the other day, and we're telling more because it's been upgraded with beautiful lanterns!!

They ere collaboration work between sort of a construction coordinator of J-Hoppers Osaka,Mr.Yano and talented Japanese painting artist, Sawako !!

Mr.Yano suggested this idea and made flames, and Sawako draw amazing pictures.. 
She draw different paintings on each side, and showing four seasons. Yes, it means that we can enjoy them all year long, not only summer.
her sense of painting is always beyond our imaginings!!

"Is there any place to drink beer ?"

Yes, now we have.. it's too hot to be on the rooftop in daytime, and we can open the backyard from 7:30 am to the midnight until the end of August, as the elementary school is closed for summer holiday.


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