Whimsical Trip

Hello there !

It's Azusa writing this blog from J-Hoppers Kyoto.

Some of you might have realized that
there are hilarious staff at J-Hoppers Kyoto and Kyoto Hana hostel.

They make me smile and laugh all the time.

Some of the boon staff and I were talking about SUSHI train the other day.

Japan has so many 100yen Sushi train restaurants.

I sometime desire to have Sushi strongly because that I'm Japanese?!

So, we've decided to go for lunch.

We went to a restaurant called ''Kura Sushi". It is chain restaurants in Japan.
You'll see them almost everywhere! Try once if you like.

After the lunch,

we made up our mind briefly going to Arashiyama, western kyoto.

This place is very famous for bamboo forest and a monkey park.

We walked up to the walking path of bamboo forest.
It was very relaxing and could have had flesh air out there.

You could also take a tram to see around !
It would be a very beautiful tour as well.

I think it probably nice to visit in the evening
because there are not so many people and cooler than daytime.

We took some more funny photos ... !

I guess we had too much fun there and then after my stomach got in trouble !!

We were (well, especially I was) struggle to find a lavatory
and got into one of the cafe there.


we had an elegant tea time at the cafe and had a really great day trip.

Would you like to join us a whimsical trip for the next time?

Come over to KYOTO anytime !


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