Why don't you try a Maiko costume

We had a guest from England the other day.We had a chat at the lobby and there was a photo of Maiko on her desktop.When I looked at the photo from a bit distance I thought the photo was a
Japanse Maiko. So I asked her where she had taken.Surprisingly she said coyly that was me.I didn't know that there were some Maiko-costume studios in Kyoto.She showed me some of the photos.It
takes 1~2 hours to makeup and dress Maiko costume and take photos.It not too expensive.It is about 10000yen.
It would be a wonderful experience.I guess you would feel as if you became Japanese.

Why don't you try a Maiko costume during your stay in KYOTO?

She goes to Japanese language school in Fukuoka.She seems to enjoy her Japan life.Good luck at school!!


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