Wild Vegetable from Takayama

Have you eaten wild vegetables? If you grew up in countryside or you like outdoor activities, I think you have.

I went to Takayama a few weeks ago and had such a great time there.. we went to Shirakawago,and the Festival in Toyama prefecture and had a nice hot spring, then hiked in 48 taki(waterfall)..
I have so many things to tell on each places, but I'm going to talk about morning market.

There are two morning markets in Takayama and they open from 6:00-12:00 everyday. They sell fresh vegetables, fruits, miso, Japanese pickles, rice cake, flower, folk crafts and sweets, and wild vegetables etc.  It's so nice to walk around in the fresh early morning. I'm sort of crazy about market and can't help going once I hear there is a market when I travel. To look and buy their products is very fun, but more than that, I enjoy talking with people and feel local place.

Anyway we went there and I bought a "Green chili miso(青唐辛子味噌)", because I ate it in Shirakawago when I order "Ishi dofu(石豆腐)" in a restaurant, and it was very tasty.
This one is a bit hot and not for miso soup. We can eat rice with this miso as we like, and also matches tofu and cucumber.. and beer. Super yummy.

And my friend Kiyo bought some wild vegetables as if she came to a supermarket near her apartment, because she also loves market and cooking and can't help buying when she see local and rare vegetables.

The next day after we came back from Takayama, she came to J-Hoppers Osaka and cook them in our kitchen and we could still enjoy Takayama !


Myoga no oya

This is "Ishi dofu (石豆腐)" from the restaurant"Hakuraku(白楽)" in Shirakawago.
It's a bit harder and stronger than normal Tofu,but tasty and has good keeping.
They have "Doburoku set" which has doburoku(Nigori zake) and this tofu with Green chili miso.
When you go to Shirakawago, don't miss it! They have English and Korean menu,too!

She started to cook Tempura slowly and carefully..


We wanted to share with some guests, and he was there.
We though they might be a bit bitter for him because of taste of wild vegetables themselves..
but they seemed like not so bad for him and he could finish !

Healthy and nutritious dinner for Sawako!

Kiyo brought other ingredients and cooked some more menu also.
Clockwise from top, Rice with ancient rice,Miso soup with Myoga no oya,
Tempura of Azukina, Tempura of Shima rakkyo, Tempura of Koshiabura,
Ishi dofu with Green Chill miso, Stir-fried Ishi dofu and Spam and Onion,
sort of Tofu salad with Myoga no oya, and the middle one is boiled Ninjin-ba.

They were very yum, Gochisou sama deshita!
Would you like to eat them? Please wait until Kiyo opens her own cafe!
.. She may have it.. someday???


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