Hand-holding Fireworks

I went to the traditional hand-holding fireworks in Miyagawa River, Takayama city.
Unlike other fireworks events with big bottle rockets placed on the ground, it is launched from a bamboo cylinder held by a holder. This style is reported the oldest style of Japanese fireworks, started in the 17th century, Early Edo period.

They set the stage for the fireworks in the middle of Miyagawa river. Following the opening folk songs, the holders started firing up the beautiful and powerful fireworks one after another into the sky. Some of the holders were women. It looks dangerous and very exciting.

Each person who holds the fireworks is engaged everything from the artifice and the launching, even cutting a bamboo for the cylinder.

I didn’t know the handholding style of fireworks until I saw this.
But the hand-hold fireworks are popular not only here but widely from Mikawa district of Aichi Prefecture and Shizuoka Prefecture.

It takes place on August 9 every year.
If you happen to visit to Hida region in this time, please try watching.
It is about a 15 minute walk from J-Hoppers Hida Takayama Hostel.


pascal said…
That's impressive ! I would like to try once myself :-)
moco* said…
Wow!! I like this movie!! It was soooo exciting fireworks wasn't it??

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