Kakigori Party !

It's been really hot this summer in Japan!
Around 35 degrees everyday...

We all are melting at J-Hoppers Hiroshima from this heat,
so we had a Kakigori Party the other night!

Kakigori is a Japanese summer dessert
made from shaved ice flavored with syrup.

But before the dessert, we served Takoyaki (Octopus Ball)
and Somen Noodle (Japanese Summer noodle) first.

Making their first Takoyaki...

And then...
time for dessert!

There was a cue with guests waiting for Kakigori.
It was a good dessert for a sweltering night.

Lots of guests helped us cleaning after the party.
Thank you so much everyone. We really appreciate it!

Also you did good work our lovely Kakigori maker!


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