Kameoka Firework

Impossible to be in Japan in summer without going to fireworks !
This year we were looking for some less crowded place. So we decided to go to Kameoka, west of Kyoto. This is not a major one, compare to PL, Yodogawa, etc..., but with 5000 bangs during one hour it's still enough ! Also, it takes place atop flat fields and offers a lot of good and easy points of view. People mainly gathers on the side of Katsura river, few minutes walk from Kameoka station.
Indeed it's been a very quiet evening. There was so few people ! No need to fight in the train, or to find some place to seat. We had a happy lunch on a large square of grass, and could enjoy all the show without anything in the view. When we came back we could even seat in the train, incredible ! But I've heard it's not the case every year. This time several big fireworks occurred the same day. It certainly helped ...


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