Kiyomizu Temple Lit up

Are you all doing fine with this HOT HOT Summer ?

Well... I'm not fine at all !!
I am totally suffering from this summer heat badly.

These days,
I stay inside during daylight and go out at NIGHT when the outside gets cooler.
I went up to Kiyomizu Temple at night a week ago with my friends.
There was a special Temple Lit Up (from 6th August to 16th August 2010)

Also,there was Sennichi Mairi ( A thousand Visit )
that you could get inside of the main hall of the temple.

* A thousand visit =effects to visit the temple for a thousand times even once you visit the temple in the period

It was absolutely amazing to see plenty of mysterious Buddha statues inside.
You are not be able to see them for your normal visit in daytime.
Unfortunately, they don't allow to take inside photos.

There are some specials days to visit at night in some of the season there.
Next time will be in Autumn starting from the 17th November to 12th December 2010.

Lit up of the temple was also gorgeous.
We found the best spot to see night landscape of Kyoto City.

I recommend you to visit there at night for next time !
You'll probably be able to see beautiful Autumn leaves.

Ciao !


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