Maze Fireworks !!

I went to see some fireworks events this summer.

But I think it is the best gorgeous one around here.

★ Maze ★

Maze is a mountain village, at 500m high,

long 25km from North to South,

and wide 4km East to West.

When you come to visit there,

you will find these scenes of "good old days".

Fire works----★★

You can enjoy fireworks drops out of the sky.

Could you hear the sounds??

It's rumbling echoing from the fireworks.

I liked it very much, it's drum-like sound:)

I recommend you to go to see this event next year--!!


waruida said…
This firefly short video is also very cool !
moco* said…
Thank you very much for your comment:) It was first time to see firefly in my life. My friend took me to secret place to see it★

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