Takoyaki Party July 2010

Last month, Fumi organized Takoyaki Party because we heard one of our guest loved Takoyaki so much and bought some Takoyaki mascots.

So, we put the notice board as usual, then..

Guests came one after another, and it became a big party!!

Look at their serious eyes..
They enjoyed cooking,
especially the left girl was so curious about it and helped us a lot!
I wonder how many takoyaki we cooked..
Once takoyaki was ready to eat, they'd all gone in 10 seconds!

The lady in the middle is the guest who loves takoyaki,
and she is also a J-Hoppers and stayed almost all our branchs.
thank you, Robin !

By the way, there was another thing which we talked about a lot
as well as Takoyaki, .. and it was Dave!

Fumi looks like a little child.. He is 208cm tall,
and finally the record of Nick (team lazy, he is 205 cm) was broken!!

Who will come and beat him ?!
We're waiting for your stay and let's have a party then !


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