When will it be ready?

SHI-N-KA...= evolution

On this season, they didn't show us any SHINKA in the past....
Unfortunately they will go down to division 2 to the next season if they go on...

On the end of this summer they have 3 important games in Kyoto Home stadium.
If they make consecutive wins, they will show us them SHINKA on the division 1!!
If they cannot... I cannot say anything ...

They don't have a big stadium like a FC Barcelona.
Just 20,000 seat in the stadium... But always less than10.000 supporter...

Why don't you become a "supporter"while you're here?

They don't need a big name couch, and super star like a Kaka, Messi.
I think they need Big warm supporters!!

In Kyoto, It is still hot on the day time. But in the evening little bit getting cool.
Why don't you go out and join us?


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