Do you know where Shiga prefecture is?
Then, how about Biwa lake, the biggest lake in Japan??
Yes, ... maybe?

I feel so sorry to know that most of foreigners don't know about Shiga and how interesting and beautiful place there. It's because most of them visit Kyoto and spend a lot of time, then move to Tokyo or Osaka, Hiroshima etc., so do not have a time for Shiga and skip.. Also, there are very few information of Shiga. See lonely planet, they used about 60 pages for Kyoto, but only 3 pages for Shiga!!

Shiga is located in north of Kyoto and it's very easy to get there, even from Osaka, it takes about 1 hour by JR train. I've became a fun of Shiga since my friend took me there several times for cycling, camping, visiting huge Miho museum and the unique temple on the small island in Biwa lake, seeing cherry blossom.. Especially, Nagahama town is my favorite now and let me tell about their awesome art festival held in every October.

Nagahama is located on the north east of Biwa lake. The city center was developed and renamed
by Toyotomi Hideyoshi when Hideyoshi moved his center of administration from Odani castle.
So, it has very old history though, they had very hard time to energize and get visitors (tourists). But since they renovated their old shopping street as "Kurokabe squeir", they were success and now one of popular town.

They also have been having a lot of event through the year, and ART IN NAGAHAMA is one of them. For these 2 days, hundreds artist from all over Japan get together to this small town and show their art works, for example painting, jewely,pottely, glasses, instrument and calligraphy
etc. etc.. and lots of yummy local food, too!
You can spend all day there, so get out from Kyoto if you're fedding up to see temples ?!

Date: the 2nd and the 3rd of October (Saturday&Sunday)
Place : around Kurokabe squeir, Nagahama


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