Bon odori dance

Bon odori is a people's traditional folk dance performed during Obon period (generally in August).
In Hida region, there are many types of bon odori by village/town.
Takayama also has some of the original folk songs and bon odori.
"Hida Yansa" is one of the most popular bon odoris in Takayama.
The way of dancing is simple, rhythmical and easy to join.
This summer, I went to join some bon odori festival in Takayama city with my family and friend.

Bon odori has around a 500 year history. Like many other traditional dances in the world, early bon odori was a religions dancing to send spirits of ancestors to the other world.
And across the ages, it got to have an aspect of entertainment in the difficult life of ancient people.

If you are interested in bon odori more, please visit the following website.

The site is a general guide of bon odori.
It tells you the history of bon odori, introduction of famous bon odori all over Japan, how to join bon festival and dance bon-odori.
If you read this and get more interested in it, please visit Japan in next summer. Let's dance together !!


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