Driving to Shirahama

Hi all !
It's Azusa from J-Hoppers Kyoto.

How are you enjoying with the heat of late summer?
I was finally knocked down from this inconceivable heat.
I feel much better than before though.

These days, I always stayed inside during daytime.
Then I realized that I did not have a memory of this summer.

So, one of my friend and I decided to go somewhere
near Kyoto,but had to be countryside.

We drove down to SHIRAHAMA which is in Wakayama Pref.

First, we went to ' SENJYOJIKI'
*A rocky point near Shirahama beach

How adorable !!!

There were many different colors of the rocks.
I guess white one is very rare.

You can also reach to the ocean from the rocky area.

Then after, we headed to "SANDANBEKI"
* (Three Step Cliff)
Cliffs along on the ocean edge that are 50 meters high.
It is said that pirates (kumano suigun) used to inhabit the caverns
; the remains of their dwellings can be seen.

Look! How high it was !
It was like somebody pull in to the ocean.
SCARY !!!! but beautiful .

There is a big cave that you can go inside by lift down to the ocean.

At last, we found out that
there was a very famous beach close by.

Shirahama means WHITE SAND BEACH
As you can see the pictures below.
There was very comfy and soft sand on the beach.

I had a nap on the beach and got TAN !!!!!!!
I think it's nice to have tan skin.
It looks very healthy and energetic for me.

I had a great day off and got a summer memory !

It only takes about 2 hours drive from Kyoto City.
If you have spare time, why don't you visit and be relaxed there?


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