Here comes masked man!!

Hi there!!
This is Chika from J-Hoppers Hiroshima.

As you know,w work at guesthouse which means I meet lots of people from around the world.Not only Japan.
Meeting and talking to people is nice and cool.So I like this job!!

The other day,I met 2 japanese guys from Kanazawa and Nagano.
They said that they were traveling around Japan by motorbike.

One of the guys,he is going to Hokkaido at the end!!
That's quite long way!!But it is no problem at all for them.

When they left the hostel,he asked me to took a photo.
I tried to take a photo,at that time,suddenly he started to look for something from his backpack.

After they found the stuff ,look at me and hold a pose!!

Look at this photo !!!They have own mask!!!!!!
I have never met the people are traveling with their own mask before.
That's so funny,So I had to take a photo by my camera as well.

In the morning,I reconfirmed how much I like this job!!!!
One of the guys said that he is coming back next month.

We are looking for meeting you and your mask again:-)


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