The longest waterfall in Japan

Hi there ,I am Matsu from J-hoppers Hida Takayama.

This time I went to Tateyama in Toyama prefecture.
It takes 2 and half hours by car from Takayama.

Tateyama is known for Tateyama -Kurobe Alpine Route.The route is 90km route .That connects Toyama with Nagano via sacred mountains.
You can enjoy the magnificent view with different transportation:cable car bus train,trolley bus and your two feet.

This is the website of Kurobe Alpine Route as below.

Actually there is the longest waterfall at the bottom of Tateyama Alpine Route.
We parked my car near the waterfall and walked there

How amazing!It is 350m from the bottom.It is the longest waterfall in Japan.

You get spray of water from the waterfall.Even we are 50m away from the waterfall.
That makes you feel good!!

One more thing I have to say is that there is another waterfall showing up on the right side when it rains really hard.
It is 500m from the bottom.

Can you believe that?


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