A Night Tour of Naoshima

Following moco*, the staff of J-Hoppers Hida Takayama, I went to see "Setouchi International Art Festival 2010" last week.

I visited Megijima, Ogijima, Naoshima, Teshima and Shodoshima.

This time I talk about the night which I spent in Naoshima.
Fortunately, I met a great man who lives in the island, and he was kind enough to take me on the night tour. He seemed to be an institution on the island. Nearly everyone knows him. I could see how deep he is in love with this island.

He told me so many things about the island and arts. I felt like I met a wonderful master so I actually called him "master".

First we went to watch sea fireflies. The sea at night normally scares me, but not this time. Because we could enjoy sea fireflies flashings. They were amazing and so beautiful.

I also took in the mysterious light from the full moon.

Next, he took me to see a monument featuring the yellow pumpkin. I posed for photos as directed by my master.

Shadow Picture 1 : Dancing
Shadow Picture 2 : The eyes of the pumpkin

Then we walked into the red pumpkin.
This is my version...
My master's one!

The beautiful moon in the background.
Thank you so much my master!!

Lastly, the famous public bath in Naoshima,
"I ♥ 湯"

Look at the gorgeous color

This is something that is common to all islands I visited this time, the houses and the people were so unique, at the same time, natural and faithful. An unaffected warmth of the people there made me feel good. I fell in love with the way they live, act casually and be one's natural self.


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