Tsubosaka Temple

It was long time ago since we haven't visited a new temple of our pilgrimage. But our schedule allowed us to enjoy one of the last summer day in Nara prefecture, to visit the Tsubosaka Temple (website, google map). Its located atop the Takatori village, in a narrow fold of the mountain. This village is quite surprising for its old houses. They are very well maintained, still inhabited, and very numerous. It's probably not as famous as others old towns in Japan, but probably should be. The path going to the temple cross the forest behind the village is a short and enjoyable walk (even though if you ask for directions you'll be told its impossible to walk, as usual). You can also take the bus from Tsubosakayama station. The forest was crowded with insects, and I could see for the first time a flying praying mantis, wonderful ! The temple is quite beautiful. There is a lot of giant statues, including presents from the indian government, a very old pagoda, wall paintings and carvings. It is dedicated to eye diseases. If you have old glasses, you can come to throw them here.

From Kyoto station, by Kintetsu line, 1h, 1810 yen (there are also one day pass available)

And now some pictures :

Takatori village

The path in the wood

Tubosaka temple

Niou guardian


Roof detail

General view

This is a very strange insect we've seen at the Tsubosakayama station.
The head looks like a seahorse, the tail looks like a scorpion, 4 coloured wings, very long antenna, big like a mid-size butterfly. I'm really wondering what's this !! If you have any idea ...


pascal said…
I found what was the strange fly. It's called Scorpion Fly (too easy to guess why !!)

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