▲▲□Architecture tour got a good start!!▲▲▲

Hi there!!This is Chika from J-Hoppers Hiroshima.

The other day,I joined the party of ARCH-WALK HIROSHIMA (AWH).
First of all,please let me explain about ARCH-WALK HIROSHIMA (AWH).AWH is
a citizens' group aiming to disseminate the pleasure of architecture walk. they are engaged in holding architectural events and compiling an architecture guide book.

During the day,the staff of AWH and about 60 people visited to lots of building in Hiroshima city and learning how to built it in the past.
They went to Hiroshima Peace park,Memorial Cathedral for World Peace,Hiroshima Andersen and Motomachi & Choju-en High-rise Apartment Complexes.

I really wanted to join the activity.But when I noticed the event,its too late!!
So I was
headed to the restaurant with a bit disappointment.
However,as soon as the party got started,my feeling was changed for even a moment!
During the party,I heard and learnt about the architecture Hiroshima.

They were also suggested that how to see the architecture!!
Just I introduce it quickly,

Step1, Stop and Observe!!
(Stop and observe the architecture from many angles.Even familiar buildings will look different from different standpoints.)

Step2,Take Photos
(Watch your manners and take photos of your favorite buildings.Good front-lighting is okay to success.)

Step3,Pat Attention to Details
(Examine details like forms,textures,and shade of pillars and window frames.)

Step4,Think Why
(Why this design?Look into architects' aspirations and historical backdrops.)

What do you think??I think these all tracks are so helpful for people who just have been interested in architecture.
So If you are interested in it,and when you see a building or something which is
attractive for you,please remember the all steps which I told you on this blog!!

For your information,they published free magazine about the architecture of Hiroshima recently.
You can get it at the cafe of shops in Hiroshima city.
For the details,plz check their website!!

Well,,,with this guide book.Where I gonna go next......:-)


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