Cosplay at JH Kyoto?!

It's Azusa from JH Kyoto.
How are you enjoying Autumn?

I feel much comfortable to chill out in this season.

Recently, we decorated our lobby into Halloween.
Halloween is still not that famous in Japan.
But, it's so exciting to decorate them for me!!

We also prepared some costumes.
(well, we always have some funny and great ones here.)

such as Samurai, Geisha wigs and Kimono...e.t.c

Don't they look GOOD??

Some of the guests are very interested in trying them
and enjoy taking photos.

We are thinking to have some more costumes.

I'm very glad that everyone smiles
when they are being something different.

We are welcome to try them on whenever you come to JH Kyoto!!

Ciao !


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