The remain of Pascal

First of all, we have an apology to French guests because we lost our French staff Pascal from J-Hoppers Osaka about 2 months ago.. so, please speak to us in English or Japanese, sometimes some German or Italian,Chinese is also available though(not all of staff) , and ask us "How can I get a job in Japan?" things, we will try to give you information as much as possible.

He helped us a lot, of course not only speaking French. He makes yummy crepe and cake, and a good game planner, very strong and always helps guests to carry luggage, and love to make us laugh!
But he is still our staff, just changed his work place to Kyoto, so we can see each other anytime.

Also, he left the big work in our TV lounge, so we feel and remind of him whenever we see it.

It dates back about 1 year ago, we found the article "One Hundred view of Heisei (means like "Must to see in Japan" in newspaper and their photos were really beautiful, so we put them on wall as display. But color was getting fading, so we decided to laminate to protect it, then Pascal had more great idea - making a Japanese map !

We agreed his idea, then he started making plan it.. took loooong time to actually,and TV lounge became his atelier.

It was like ..

Standing stuffs are couch.. You know how big it is.

Break time .. playing as Izanagi(One of God in Japan)

He started from Kyushu(South of Japan)

Put each area's name and numbers of photos..


3D sign of J-Hoppers !

. . . but you might have something on your chest.. in around North part?
We do,too. Because we missed one newpaper and couldn't have a part of this article. We tried, but the newspaper company didn't keep it, so we gave up to have them.

However, after he finished this work, our boss called to the newpaper company and tried again,
as he also wanted to accomplish it.
Thanks to his enthusiasm, the staff of the newspaper told us that they've actually kept data and could print out and send to us!!

We're so happy to hear it, and brought Pascal back to finish into his own hand !

and then,..


To look these photos, we could know how we haven't know many places in Japan yet, and let us plan next trip as well.

Why don't you come and stay at our hostel to plan your next destination, and tell us how many places you've been already ??


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