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The weather has suddenly become cooler, looking more like autumn recently. There were new changes in members of J-Hoppers Osaka Central with the passage of season. As Pascal was transferred to work in J-Stay, we welcomed two newcomers, Ranna and Kyohei.

So we renewed the staff profile board which is hung on the wall in the lobby.

I would like to introduce Ranna and Kyohei to everyone here.

Ranna, she is stunningly pure and naive. For me, it is like a close encounters of another kind in a way. She is such an unsuspecting person that believes any words that she heard, so I have been apprehensive that she could be deceived easily by some bad people. Anyway, she is just adorable!!

Kyohei, he is very fresh! He has superiority in language ability. Because he speaks English, Italian, (Japanese, of course), and what's more, he has been teaching himself Spanish recently. He's got myriad growth opportunities.

Please warmly and strictly watch over the development of them so that they will be able to go along on the right track in future.

There are also many fun staff in Osaka, such as stable manager; Nori, dependable night worker; Fumi, magician & cleaner; Mr.Yano, talented cleaner; Sachi and genuine cleaner; Sai. We all do our best to make this hostel better each day. Please come to Osaka to meet us and stay with us!


tomoko said…
Such a nice Staff Profile Board!!
We would like to make a new board like this at J-hoppers Hiroshima!
Sawako said…
Thank you Tomoko-san! This would be my last work at J-Hoppers. Hope everyone like it.

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