Warm and Happy Nabe :)

Nabe is Japanese style hotpot and it is basically surved in winter time.

It's been freezing in Japan this couple of days and I had Nabe for the first time this winter with my co-workers yesterday! It was actually my birthday and they held a surprise Nabe party for me:) They prepared Gyoza (Chinese dumpling) Nabe yesterday. They made all the single dumpling by hand and it must have taken so long... The Nabe was sooo good and it made me feel so happy too.
After we finished it, there was another surprise!
Chika made a pumpkin cake for my birthday! How awesome co-workers I have...!

It was a great birthday and thank everyone for the happy surprises!!!


tomoko said…
The party was so great!
It was a big surprise,wasn't it?

Happy birthday Masa:)
Chika said…
I'm so happy to hear that!!I'm willing to bake a cake if you want:-)ha ha!!
Anyway,Happy Birthday☆☆☆
I hope that it'd be a wonderful year for you:-)

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