Hiroshima Nightlife

Hi there, this is Masa from J-hoppers Hiroshima.
I would love to introduce my favorite bar this time.

The other night, I took some guests from the hostel out for some drinks to a bar, MAC. Most of the time I take our guest out, I go this bar. It is a Western style old bar in Nagarekawa (the drinking district in Hiroshima) and has been a big part of Hiroshima's nightlife for many years. It attracts a mixed crowd of both Japanese and non-Japanese people, young and old alike. It is a lively bar almost any night of the week.

Mac has a huge CD collection and it represents a wide variety of music genres from Folk to Funky and the bar staff are more than happy to take requests.

You can find some company from the hostel to go for a drink here or you don't even need to worry about showing up on your own. Mac and Yuriko (who run the bar) speak very good English and it is easy to get to talk to local people who seat next to you.

Nightlife is not always big just in Tokyo and Osaka!
You can enjoy it in Hiroshima as well!


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