Japanese persimmon

I was surprised to know that persimmon is not common in except a few Asian countries include Japan, so you will see it almost everywhere when you travel in Japan in winter and it's easy to buy in a supermarket.

There are mainly two kinds of persimmons, this is one of them and a sweeter and be eaten fresh.

But another one is not eaten fresh, as it's very astringent and need to dry. After drying about 1 month, it becomes very sweet.

Astringent persimmon (渋柿)

About after 1 month.. looks a bit strange?
don't say that and try if you find !

It's also typical and common to see the sight which people hung and dry them from roof in country side of Japan, though I don't see in Osaka city... :( so, I always feel autumn when I see this sight and it makes me feel my hometown, too.

However, I hadn't made them by myself till I got a chance last week in my friend house.
They have a persimmon tree in their garden, so we took them off and hung a lot.

Using a long bamboo stick to take them, as we couldn't reach to the high place. Make a cut into the end of bamboo and clip and twist a blanch. It's difficult but so fun!

This is the point to leave about 3-5cm branch when we take from the tree, and it's easy to hold on a string.

After we hung a lot and look at with a Japanese old house, we had sort of nostalgic feelings and persimmons looked just pretty.

I brought one to my apartment as a souvenir, and hung in my balcony.. only that part looks like country side in urban city, and makes me happy.
Can't wait to eat !!


pascal said…
I've discovered this fruit the first year I came in Japan. I've been very surprised !! It's very good, somewhere between apple and peach I would say. As I wanted to share this taste with my family, I've sent them a sead and they planted in the family garden. But nothing never went out ! I've heard only once about a french girl who could grow up a japanese persimmon tree in her garden...
Shin said…
Japanese proverb says 桃栗三年柿八年 (Momokuri sannen kaki hachinenn) that means "You can harvest peaches and chestnuts in three years and persimmons in eight years". What does this tell you ? Be patient .... ?
pascal said…
I didn't knew it takes such time for persimmons. Then I will be patient ... :-)

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