Kibune momiji tourou 2010

The other day, I went to Kibune to see autumn leaves lit up.
(Until 12th-30th in Nov. Lighitng is an a sunset -9:00p.m.)

Access from J-Hoppers Kyoto to Kibune.
  Take Keihan private line Tofukuji sta⇒Demachiyanagi sta(15min, 26oyen)
⇒Take Eizan private line Demachiyanagi sta⇒Kibune sta(30min, 410yen)

The peak of Kibune's autumn leaves are getting red and yellow in day by day.
In particular, Kibune riverside displays a beautiful color gradations from green to red.

The Eizan Line has very nice seasonable tunnel between Ninose sta. and Ichihara sta.

Sorry but this movie is not so nice. You should... You must see the tunnel with your own eyes


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