Memorable Photos !

Do you have any memorable photos in your life?

You may have known once you stayed at J-Hoppers Hostels before
that we have heaps of guest photos on our walls.

As you can see the attached pictures, there are many different
kinds of photos such as Funny, Scary and Crazy ones.

Everyone that comes to our place first,
they take their time to have a look them and find their friends.

I would say it is one of fun attractions here !

The end of last month, we had a Halloween party at
our sister blanch ''Kyoto Hana Hostel''.
Some guests from J-Hoppers Kyoto joined the party.
They are from Morocco and wore their traditional costumes.

It was adorable and beautiful colors !

They said they had a really really great time at the party.
Then they took many photos.

Before they left here,
I promised them to put their photos on our wall.

Guys !!!
I'm sure I put your photos somewhere on the wall here.
You gotta come and find them out again!!

If you want to leave your memorable photos,
we are always welcome to put them on !

Feel free to ask us !

Ciao !


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