Hello!!This is Chika from J-Hoppers Hiroshima.

It is getting cold and cold.It seems winter is just around the corner. which means the foliage season arrived again.

That's why I went to Miyajima to enjoy the autumn colors!!!
It was holiday when we went there were so many people on the island.
That's much more than we expected.

So there were some stalls on the street.(We had 'Takoyaki' there:-))

We climbed up a mountain this time.That was a first time for me.
During I climb up a mountain,I couldn't remember how many times I think to give up.(Coz I had not got enough exercise!!)
However,When we got to the top of mountain,Ie marveled at the superb view of the Misen mauntain.That's amazing!!!!!

After we got down the mountain,we were so starved!!
I ate 'AGEMOMIJI(2 times)','OYSTER' and 'conger eel'.I love oyster,that's why I could stop eating them.It is season for Oyster now.You should check and have some when you stay in Hiroshima!!

I spent lots f money and ate to much!!!But we have a really good and relaxed time there.

Why don't you come to Hiroshima and try some representative winter dish???


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