Sawako's farewell day.

Sawako MIyagawa was a stuff of J-hoppers Osaka.
She had worked for over 2 years and retired here.

We had a farewell party on the 10th of November.
Our managers and almost all members who work at J-hoppers Osaka joined the party.

Most of the stuff don't know her well because we work at each branches, but Sawako was a great stuff in fact. She had work hard for the company, other stuff, and guests.

Needless to say, she was decisive and cleaver. Mistakes she made were really few.

In addition, she says nice things in advance.
She rewarded and said it to me" You work over always, dont' you? ... Thank you."
When I failed, she encouraged me and said "Please follow me, and do this next time!"

Although she always praised me who cannot do anything, I think she is more talented.
I just followed her track.

Her memory is unforgettable.
I believe she come back here because she is on a long vacation in my mind.

A few month ago, we watched one movie as our event.
The story is related to the dog who keep to wait for his master even he passed away.
Now, I am looks like this dog.


david b said…
We are sorry to learn Sawako has retired. We are reminded of Sawako by looking at the beautiful watercolour painted by Sawako hanging in our house in Melbourne Australia. Sawako thank you for the many happy times we had during our stay at J Hoppers Osaka.
Best Wishes from David , Jack and Jenny Barnes

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