Autumn Sakura ??

Few days ago, we were walking along the Nijo castle walls, when we noticed small dots on a tree which had already lost all its leaves. We got curious and approached to see what it was. And then ...

It was cherry blossom in middle of December!!!
A Japanese lady who was looking at it with us said it was unusual but not abnormal. Some species of cherry may blossom in autumn. In Nagoya there is a park where maples and this kind of cherry trees have been set up together on purpose she said. You can then enjoy red leaves and white flowers at the same time. It must be so beautiful!
When we came back home, we looked for it on Internet, and we could find it!
(Google map)
Those who are in Kyoto now, rush to the north-east corner (outside) of Nijo Castle to see these automn sakura!
(Google map)


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