Big News from J-Hoppers Kyoto !!

Hello !!

We would like to inform you a big news from J-Hoppers Kyoto.

We will do hostel renovation(only Kyoto) from 2oth-31st Jan. 2011.
(* We are sorry we will be closed between 20th to 31st Jan 2011.)

I am sure it would be much much more an attractive hostel.
We are so excited now.

At the beginning ,we've started to paint the walls.

The painting is the way harder than I expected.
It made me struggled badly at the beggining.

As somebody who have stayed here before know
that we've had plenty of guest pictures on our walls.

See the attached photo!

You can recognize how they are used to be on.
This hostel has been here for 8years since 2002.
That is kind of achievement of the hostel as you can see the wall marks.


It took me almost 2 hours to finish up. So hard,eh?
I guess I am getting better little by little though still need to practice.

Please do not worry that professional carpenters
are coming to fix the hostel for sure!

We are all looking forward to it!!
And we are pleased you to come and stay with us !
We'll keep update what is going on the hostel.



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