Christmas Party 2010@J-hoppers Osaka

How did you celebrate Christmas this year?
We had a big party on the 22nd, we rented a keg of beer again,because it was very popular with both guests and staffs in our summer event.. then, we prepare Fumi's kinda minestrone soup with a lot of vegetables and Ranna's special Yakisoba(noodle), M's special Guacamole,some sweets breads, and my 3 kinds of deep flied foods.. anyway, enjoyed like "Izakaya (Japanese style bar)" style?!

Pretty Lovely girls..

We had another reason why we rented a keg this time. Kyohei, the new staff is good at playing Beer Pong( he says..), so we planned to play in this party, though it was the first time for me to see.

He also named "Beer Pong World Cup", and made 6 teams with 2 persons each.
The rule seemed easy, but I knew it's quite difficult to throw a ping pong boll into a small cup !
And of course, they're getting drunk and getting harder to control..

The final match was Kyohei-led Team America VS Team Australia!
They had a close game, and Team America wanted to win in the name of birthplace, but..
Team Australia won !!

Anyway it was drunk party but great party, so we're glad to have such a party at the end of this year.

Thank you so much for everything in this year, wish you all have wonderful New Year.
We will keep doing our best in 2011, too !!


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