Dec in Kyoto =crustacean=

I took some photos in Kyoto.
These my best 3 shots (?) in Dec

Crabs apartment pool @KiyamachiSanjokudaru
If you would like see it, please hurry up!! otherwise they will move out someone's stomach.

Kaomise without shrimp @ Minamiza: 'Kaomise' was the "face-showing" ceremony of a theater in Edo period, which celebrated the opening of the new theatrical year and its new troupe.
This very important event still remains as the most popular Kabuki performance of the year.

Kamogawa-river : This river is symbol of Kyoto
Kamogawa river seems to set the tempo of my life in Kyoto.

Thank very much for your staying J-Hoppers Kyoto Guest House in 2010.


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