A four-digit pass-code

Hello, how are you?

As you know, J-hoppers Osaka lock the entrance door after 10:00pm, then you need the four-digit pass-code like J1234J to get in.

We often change this code to be secured, but be stuck for choosing the numbers in fact.

Four-digit pass-codes are popular in Japan, requested wherever you are.
Like bunk account, credit card, password to enter your own web site or car numbers.

Japanese like to play on words linking a four-digit pass-code.
For example "8739"means flower bloom.
"8060"means hello.
My boy friend loves Yazawa Eikichi who is a Japanese singer, so he put his name as
his car number like "838".
He rent a parking space every months, then his next car's numbers is ....



Going to the Hell...

It's awful....
I was down as I saw this...
I will be happy if I see numbered"777".

Please tell me if you know funny words linking a four-digit pass-code.


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