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Hi there!This is Chika from J-Hoppers Hiroshima guesthouse.
The other day,I went to Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary of Art.
The museum is currently hosting un exhibition titled "A Requiem:Art on Top of Battlefield"

This exhibition intend to look back on history/memory of the 20th century is large scale through the creative reinterpritation of the news photographs and portraites by a contemporary artist,MORIMURA Yasumasa.

This will let you look back the past from today's viewpoints,begging the question to confrontational concepts and standards of value of journalism/art,reality/fiction and past/present.

He btook old photograghes depitingthe various events or the man that characterized these times,such us Mishima Yukio,Lenin,Che GuevaraMaoa Zedongetc,.then used self -portratureto bring to bacl to life.

I have been to the museum so many times.but this exhibition was be one of my favorite exhibition ever.

When I saw his art works which he pretend to be Mishima Yukio,It was so interesting for me.

He was wearing completery same costume and made a speech in the public holl like Mishima Yukio did in past times.

During I saw his art works there,I could know how he committed into his art.

Even if you are not ionterested in history,I think you will like it and it'd be thought-provoking work for you.

Morimura Yasumasa:"A Requiem:Art of the top of Battlefield"

Hiroshima City museum of contemporary of art

Admission fee:Adluts 1000yen

closed:every Monday


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