Golden Pavilion under the snow

After the snow storm of New Year Eve, a beautiful white layer completely covered Kyoto once again on Sunday. It's not so common to have that much snow inside the old capital so I hope you're enjoying it !
For me, yesterday has been the chance to take pictures I've been waiting for since a long time : the Golden Pavilion (Kinkakuji) covered by snow.
You have to be available early in the morning on the right day. It must have enough snowed to be beautiful and not immediately melted when the sun rises. But in opposite the storm must be over and the weather must be fine. Preferably it should happen on a weekday to avoid a little of the crowd ...
Not easy at all, but I got this chance ! When I arrived it was still snowy and horrible gray sky so I had to be patient, and then the sun came. I hope you will enjoy the pictures below as much I enjoyed taking them. Also I wish you to see it with your own eyes : the blue of the sky, the gold of the temple, the white of the snow, the green of the pine, the emerald of the lake ... it's absolutely gorgeous !
Ah, there is a very precious tool to hunt this picture : the webcam of the temple. Before jumping from your futon to your boots have a look on Internet to see if it's worth the loss of a lie-in. ;-)


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