Happy New Year !

Do you know Kagami mochi ?

It means the "mirror mochi" (mochi is a cake of pasted rice). Why mirror ? Some says it originates from the round shape of the mochi, like the traditional japanese mirror. The two mochi symbolize the past year and new year. And on top of it we put a daidai (Japanese orange) which symbolizes generations of the family ('generation' is said 'daidai' in Japanese).
This one is quite a very special one. The two balls of mochi aren't mochi, but breads ! I've received it from the bakery where I used to work. It's kind of French version of kagami mochi :-)

Now, I wish to everyone a very very Happy 2011 Year ! May creation, peace and happiness accompany you, may knowledge and love guide you in your choices all along this new year.


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