Snowboard in Hiroshima!!

Hi there!This is Chika from J-Hoppers Hiroshima guesthouse.

The other day,I went to go snowboarding to Geihoku Kokusai ski resort.
It takes around 2hours by bus.The ski-tour bus leave from Hiroshima station!

That was a first time for me.
I had never been to ski resort since I got there!!I didn't have my board and boots.However,they have rental service.So I could rental them.It is so convenience:-)

I haven't seen so much snow for a long time.
That's why when I got off the bus,I was sooooo excited and couldn't wait to do snow boarding.

To be honest,I was not very keen on snow boarding until I went there.
But once I snowboard,I couldn't stop it.I think I did for 6 hours!!
It was not harder than I thought.And also I felt fantastic when I traversed a slope!!!
Now I'm crazy about snowbording:-)

Ski season will continue through the end of February or the begging of March.So I'm going to do that as many as I can !!

If you want to try snow boarding or skiing in Hiroshima.
I would be more than happy to help you during your stay in J-Hoppers Hiroshima gesthouse:-)


tomoko said…
yeah,we had a fun time there!

you were not a beginner level for your first time out, I think you were doing very well!!

Let's go again next mouth!
yuko said…
Well come to the winter sports world! :)
I would love to go skiing/snowboarding together next time! I will take you to the higher slopes ;D
kumi said…
It was so funny that we were all snowboarding at the same ski resort that day :)

Let's go together everybody!!!
Dinh Hai said…
Wow, The Weather is so cool, I like snowboard Anyone can help me find best snowboard for beginners

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